Making Life on the Road Better!

Making Life on the Road Better!

Making Life on the Road Better! Making Life on the Road Better!

Travel Gifts for the Road Warrior 

Safety, Security & Convenience

Traveling the World

Product Testing


As I travel the US and other countries, I have personally used and tested each product offered at Road Warrior Gifts.  

Focus on Security


Security is on every travelers mind.  We offer products to enhance your personal security.  

Safe Travels


Safety is important.  There are many hazards as we travel.  We offer products to improve your safety. 



Traveling with things that make you comfortable or more at home will take a lot of stress from you.  It is hard being away from the things that make life enjoyable.  Bring some comfort to the road! 

Travel Tips


Get helpful travel tips - check out our BLOG.  We have tips on security, safety, travel best practices and mores. 



Check out our answers to frequently asked questions. We want you buying experience to be a simple and painless as possible. 

Our Company


I am a professional Road Warrior and have traveled to all 50 United States and been overseas to 20+ countries.  

Over the course of my travels I have found many interesting products that improved the quality of my travel with out adding bulk or weight to my bag.    Traveling for a living can be challenging but having the right stuff with you makes the job safer and more convenient.   

Our company was started to share our experience and products we found along the way with friends like you.  Our focus is to bring you products that add to your security, safety and add convenience to your travels.  

I hope you find value in our products and that you will recommend the web site to a friend!   

Coming Soon!

Visit our store - Watch this space for our official launch